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7 Nights
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Fun facts about Grape Harvest

In Friuli, there is a very special moment that this year coincided with the beginning of September... it is, of course, the grape harvest. Intrigued by this age-old tradition, with an early wake-up call, gloves and scissors in our backpack, we joined - for the first time this year - the teams of grape pickers and discovered some fascinating insights.

Fun facts about the grape harvest:

- The sequence of grape harvesting: grape harvesting is a precise art, dictated by nature and the ripeness of the grapes. It always begins with the base grapes for sparkling wines (which require higher acidity and freshness), often Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, before moving on to white and then red grapes.
- Tradition vs. innovation: grape harvesting is an ancient tradition that requires great effort, heat endurance, and patience. Many companies have transitioned to mechanized grape harvesting, where robots collect the grapes.
- The delicacy of Picolit: the grapes used for sweet wine, such as those for Picolit, are harvested last when the sugars are concentrated to the maximum. This grape harvest is very unique; the grapes are carefully placed, one by one, in crates and left to dry.
- The Charm of Must: Right after the harvest, the magic begins in the winery. The grapes go through the destemmer and press, giving rise to the must, a true delight.
From there, the winemaking process begins, with the most important phase being fermentation, the transformation of sugars into alcohol.

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"Il Perdòn di Barbana"

Only a few days are left until the most beautiful and heartfelt celebration in Grado, the Perdòn di Barbana.

It is a religious tradition that originated in 1237 as a thanksgiving to the Madonna ...
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Alla scoperta del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Grado, ma anche l’Hotel Savoy, godono di una gran fama all’estero, soprattutto nei paesi nordici, con Austria e Germania in testa essendo stata la “Spiaggia dell’Impero”…
E’ invece una destinazione tutta da scoprire per molti italiani, come ...
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The murrine are small colored glass pieces used in the artistic technique of mosaics and have become a highly valued design element in jewelry and art glass production throughout their thousand-year tradition.
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