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7 Nights
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Ian Schrager, the king of boutique hotels

You may not know his name, but you have certainly heard of "boutique hotels," a term he coined.

Since the 1970s, Ian Schrager has been known for revolutionizing the entertainment, hospitality, food & beverage, and residential sectors. Few have had such a strong impact on popular culture: he has changed the way we live, entertain, party, dance, socialize, vacation, work, dine, and drink. Innovations that have now become the standards of modern lifestyle.

After building legendary nightclubs in New York, he opened Morgans Hotels in 1984, introducing the concept of boutique hotels. According to Schrager and his partner Steve Rubel, considered social scientists, the interest of the mass market mentality of the hotel industry was evolving from the simple need for lodging to the need for a sensory experience.
People were looking for something that was not standardized but unique and original. Their hotels, with their design and personality, speak to people regardless of their age, economic status, type of occupation, and geographic origin.

Morgans Hotels evolved into the new brand PUBLIC hotels, a more accessible, informal brand, a place where "you don't have to sacrifice anything to stay in the coolest place in the city." A strategic move in response to the saturated luxury market with little left to say...
Since then, there have been many successful projects, including the 21 EDITION hotel brand in partnership with Marriot.
Despite his success, Ian is still full of ambition, energy, and curiosity, and we can't wait to see his future work, especially since there are rumors that "his best work is still to come"!
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"Il Perdòn di Barbana"

Only a few days are left until the most beautiful and heartfelt celebration in Grado, the Perdòn di Barbana.

It is a religious tradition that originated in 1237 as a thanksgiving to the Madonna ...
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Alla scoperta del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Grado, ma anche l’Hotel Savoy, godono di una gran fama all’estero, soprattutto nei paesi nordici, con Austria e Germania in testa essendo stata la “Spiaggia dell’Impero”…
E’ invece una destinazione tutta da scoprire per molti italiani, come ...
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Cinema on the rooftop

Every Thursday in August, as soon as it gets dark enough... it's time to head up to the rooftop of the Savoy and grab some still-warm popcorn and your favorite drink. This year's ...
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