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7 Nights
2 Persons
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7 Nights
2 Persons
No children


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Bathrobe with a little Savoy logo. Imported from the Denizli region of Turkey, where the world's finest towel have been made since middle ages, is 100% cotton.
24,00 €

Beach Towel

Sand coloured beach towel. It fits perfectly in your beach bag! (The size is 100*150 cm).
60,00 €

Acqua & Sole

A fresh fragrece created for us by the italian "maestro profumiere" Lorenzo Dante Ferro.
28,00 €


A home fragrance created for us by the Master Perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro.
Its name refers to the wind which blows in Grado. It's a fresh perfume with italian Citrus notes.