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7 Nights
2 Persons
No children


7 Nights
2 Persons
No children


A spacious lobby, cool and comfortable with relaxing sofas for reading, meeting others, chatting. 
The sunny area has beach umbrellas and our indoor and outdoor swimming pools are filled with seawater, where you can immerse yourself in relaxation.
A modern wellness centre regenerates your body and mind.
The newly refurbished rooms and suites are finely designed and a sharp eye considered every detail to guarantee a peaceful rest.
A spacious dining hall, a bar, a pool bar and a garden terrace where you can taste the flavours and smell the aromas of menus prepared for you.
A few steps away from a dip in the sea ...
Hotel Savoy Grado
via Carducci, 33 - 34073 Grado Phone+39 0431 897111 Fax+39 0431 83305
Airports nearby 23 km from the International Airport of Trieste 126 km from the International Airport of Venice 160 km from the International Airport of Ljubljana
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Hotel Tre Cime
Our hotel-partner- in Sesto
Summer 2020

The reopening of our hotel, scheduled for March 25, was sadly postponed.
We will reopen our doors as soon as we are able to guarantee a safe and peaceful holiday.
A presto!