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7 Nights
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7 Nights
2 Persons
No children

Savoy/ Tre Cime Tangram

Have you ever heard about Tangram?  The traditional Chinese puzzle game?
The Savoy/Tre Cime Tangram offer, 3 days at the seaside and 4 in the mountains (or vice versa), takes its name precisely from this game!

It has ancient origins in China and was brought to the West in the 19th century where it gained popularity as a puzzle game and intellectual entertainment.
The name, which means "set of pieces," literally refers to the fact that it consists of 7 pieces, all of which are part of a larger square. Each of the pieces has its own name, for example, the square is called "sky" and one of the large triangles is called "mountain." The number of compositions is so vast that it is estimated there are over 6500 possible figures that can be created, a real brain workout!

Consider each piece of the tangram as a day to be spent, either at the seaside in Grado or among the Dolomites of Sexten, and combine week of  vacation of your dreams!
 You will receive a 10% discount on accommodation at both Hotel Tre Cime and Hotel Savoy. Valid only in the week from September 29th to October 6th.
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"Il Perdòn di Barbana"

Only a few days are left until the most beautiful and heartfelt celebration in Grado, the Perdòn di Barbana.

It is a religious tradition that originated in 1237 as a thanksgiving to the Madonna ...
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Alla scoperta del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Grado, ma anche l’Hotel Savoy, godono di una gran fama all’estero, soprattutto nei paesi nordici, con Austria e Germania in testa essendo stata la “Spiaggia dell’Impero”…
E’ invece una destinazione tutta da scoprire per molti italiani, come ...
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The murrine are small colored glass pieces used in the artistic technique of mosaics and have become a highly valued design element in jewelry and art glass production throughout their thousand-year tradition.
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Hotel Savoy Grado
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