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7 Nights
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Exploring the surroundings: a visit to the Brion Tomb

One of the masterpieces of modern architecture, designed by the famous architect Carlo Scarpa, is located not far from Grado, in the heart of the Treviso countryside against the backdrop of the Asolo hills.
This is the Brion Tomb, a pilgrimage site for architecture enthusiasts that attracts visitors from all over the world for its historical value and beauty.
Access is through a monumental entrance characterized by a dramatic opening shaped like two intertwined circles, a symbol of marital love on which the entire project is based. Among meadows dotted with green and furrowed by channels with pools covered in water lilies, designed in geometric shapes that evoke Islamic paradises and Japanese gardens, rise four buildings.
The centerpiece of the complex is a lowered concrete structure lined inside with a shimmering coat of glass tiles with underlying gold leaf, which protects the sarcophagi of the two spouses, Giuseppe and Onorina Brion, symbolically inclined, as if eternally reaching towards each other.
Scarpa worked on this project for ten years, until his death in 1978 in Japan, making it one of the last and most personal works of his career.

Brion Memorial is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm; admission is free and it is an excellent day trip from Grado (to be combined with a visit to Asolo and the Museo Gypsotheca Antonia Canova).
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"Il Perdòn di Barbana"

Only a few days are left until the most beautiful and heartfelt celebration in Grado, the Perdòn di Barbana.

It is a religious tradition that originated in 1237 as a thanksgiving to the Madonna ...
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Alla scoperta del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Grado, ma anche l’Hotel Savoy, godono di una gran fama all’estero, soprattutto nei paesi nordici, con Austria e Germania in testa essendo stata la “Spiaggia dell’Impero”…
E’ invece una destinazione tutta da scoprire per molti italiani, come ...
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Cinema on the rooftop

Every Thursday in August, as soon as it gets dark enough... it's time to head up to the rooftop of the Savoy and grab some still-warm popcorn and your favorite drink. This year's ...
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